I’m Jerry yong.

About Me.

Creating Automated System is my passion

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Know Me.

I already in Digital Marketing field since year 2016. Along these years, i started few businesses and i found as a digital marketer. You need a lot of man power to help you especially when you scale your business. Thus, i found a solution that can reduce your 90% of man power and resources.

Problems make you stronger


good to know.

It is extremely important to know know what is your strength and weakness when you are running a business before you get screw up.

Work Experience.

Your experiences will let you grow. As long as you solve the problem, you are entitle for better return. Please never stop explore more for better future.


The only way to sustain and kept grow is to solve all the challenge you got. Prepare a better plan for future. Always learning and implement the good one to your business.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


digital marketing

Digital marketing is the future. We should learn and implement to our business.


system integration

There is none of a system fit 100% of your needs. The only way is integrate multi systems as your own customade system



If you wish to grow your business and reduce the mistake. Automation is compulsory.

more about GetXlead


We help you train your own 24/7 sales person for you business


I believe as an owner of business, steady monthly/yearly positive grow is the final aim. But How can we make it?


We all know if we expand our business, our manpower will increase same as the size we expand our business. And it involve costs and attitude issues.


Limited resources such as cash flow, spaces, time etc determine the future of your business. Don’t you agree?


A routine job can be automated always. Don’t spend time and resources on routine job. Automated it. Spend your time and resources on creativity.

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